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Marvel Mighty Heroes Oct 7, 2015
The Final Conflict in 'Marvel Mighty Heroes'
C2E2 2014 Apr 27, 2014
C2E2 2014: Thor & Loki
Marvel's Avengers Assemble Mar 24, 2014
The Avengers Hold Cort on Thor's Family Drama
Marvel's Avengers Assemble Mar 21, 2014
Watch Mangog Attack in Marvel's Avengers Assemble
Thor: The Dark World Feb 4, 2014
Thor: The Dark World - Home Video Trailer

1:40 | trailer

Thor: The Dark World Jan 2, 2014
Marvel's Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray Trailer

1:03 | trailer

Thor: The Dark World Oct 21, 2013
Marvel's Thor: The Dark World - TV Spot 4

0:31 | trailer

Thor: The Dark World Sep 25, 2013
Marvel's Thor: The Dark World - TV Spot 1

1:01 | trailer

Thor: The Dark World Aug 27, 2013
Chris Hemsworth Enters the Dark World
Thor: The Dark World Aug 1, 2013
New Thor: The Dark World Poster Thunders Online
Fear Itself May 21, 2013
The History of Iron Man Pt. 49
Marvel NOW! Dec 21, 2012
Thor: God of Thunder Sketchbook Pt. 3
Diamond Select Toys Aug 9, 2012
Diamond Select Introduces Fear Itself Minimates

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I've just bought Marvel's The Art of Thor: The Dark World today, Wow! the artwork and photographs are fantastic. This convinces me even more that Marvel must keep Thor the male thunder god, and that it should undertake a project to recreate the stories from the ''Penguin Book of Norse Myths: Gods of the Vikings'' and ''The Prose Edda: Norse Mythology Penguin Classics'' with artists like Andy Park, Jackson Sze, Bryan Andrews, Jane Wu and Rick Newsome along with Wendy Partridge, Kramer Morgenthau, Charlie Wen et al. It would truly be a work of art and become a classic for posterity. All those who agree with me that this is a graphic novel project that Marvel Comics must undertake please sign the petition to keep Thor the Nordic god of thunder a man.