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when are Marvel gonna bring back the only brother that can replace for real Steve (nomad as well but nomad is not a brother)! or give him a solo series!? Cause a don't need new characters I want development on old/new character that had a good vibe but still are waiting in the sidelines and when Marvel really bring them back it always feels out of cue!!!
 Like they miss their chance and only appear when they are not needed. Alot of big events now and no signal of Patriot or cloak and Dagger, dust or War Machine(Iron Patriot now).... Secret wars coming and majority gonna be the regular cast of heroes and villains with some few new additions and the previous cited above no where to be seen! years have passed and I feel I wont be seeing them again! kinda sad to even think but is true!!

Farewell my b-list heroes I can still see u in the books of old!!