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Happy Birthday Jun 19, 2015
Happy 25th Birthday, Gambit
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The X-Men Shoot Hoops In 90's By The Numbers
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When Good X-Men Go Bad
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Assess the All-New X-Factor Team
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Fightin' Fanboys: AJ Styles
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NYCC 2013: All-New Marvel NOW! All-New X-Factor
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I would like to see the whole xmen group in a lego set. With gambit Nd rogue.


Anyone know where I would be able to find the X-men: Gambit Classic comics???


I was sooo looking forward to the movie Gambit....... channing!!!!????? nooooooooo now I really don't want to see it, It's not just that I don't think he is.....good enough ;) Isn't he a little too big to be Gambit?


@Kat_nire Thats what I thought at first but it seems like they are at least changing his costume back to the original one he was in in the comics and cartoons, not the one they had Taylor Kitsch in


the only character with an original personality; with amazing powers and appearance. The best!!!


best character ever, still dont understand why is he so under-power?... he should have his full pontencial


@tigerot  At one point Remy had approached the master geneticist Mr. Sinister for help in controlling his powers. Sinister removed some of Remy's brain tissue to reduce his power levels, thus affording him a greater degree of control.

More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/universe/Gambit#ixzz3bxwOCqVU