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Marvel: Avengers Alliance... Jun 3, 2014
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History of Ant-Man May 9, 2014
Follow the History of Ant-Man Pt. 4
Disney Infinity: Marvel... Apr 30, 2014
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - Trailer 1

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C2E2 2014 Apr 27, 2014
C2E2 2014: Thor & Loki
This Week in Marvel Podcast Mar 6, 2014
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Thor: The Dark World Feb 4, 2014
Thor: The Dark World - Home Video Trailer

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Loki is the best character and I think he is focused on in the Thor movies than Thor is...


Killerfrost200 I am here... I am glad that someone else thinks about him as more than just a cute guy... To find out more about Loki I read everything they had from Wikipedia on Norse Mythology of Loki. Have you ever seen Thor the Dark World?


hey lokid24 do u want to chat some time b/c u and me like the same thing send me a not in 3 days and then I will try to wright back... GO LOKI


LOKI IS THE BEST!!! Tom Hiddleston DEFINITELY made Loki more popular!!! I think that Marvel made sure that Loki was just as he was in Norse Mythology. They didn't want it to come off like they were mocking Norse Mythology and they respected his original character. I LOVE the Thor The Dark World it is the best movie yet! I can't wait for the third Thor to come out! Once again recapping LOKI IS THE BEST!!! 


Loki is my favorite super villain, i love everything about him!


hey so I am new and p.s I love loki he is so hot!!!!! and also add me if u have seen thor 1 and 2!! lone loki


I love loki! he is the best!