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All-New All-Different Marvel Oct 7, 2015
Power Man & Iron Fist Hit the Streets
Marvel's Jessica Jones Sep 17, 2015
First Look at 'Marvel's Jessica Jones' For Netflix

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Go Inside Avengers Alliance: Chapter 7
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History of Luke Cage &... Jul 3, 2014
Follow the History of Luke Cage & Iron Fist Pt. 4
History of Luke Cage &... Jun 26, 2014
Follow the History of Luke Cage & Iron Fist Pt. 3
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Follow the History of Luke Cage & Iron Fist Pt. 1
History of Ant-Man May 23, 2014
Follow the History of Ant-Man Pt. 6

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one of my favorite Marvel characters!!!!


Dear Marvel.com Staff, 

I couldn't help but notice a grammatical error in the "Abilities" section of this profile. The section states, "he is also a great athlete despite his great height and weight." I, unfamiliar with character at the time, imagined a short, overweight man. I then immediately checked his "Physical Attributes" section which states that he is 6'6" and 425 lbs. While 425 lbs. could certainly be an issue for most athletes, he is also very tall. This information itself is inconclusive. He could very well have been tall and overweight. I figured it was time to look at an actual depiction of Cage. I looked up a picture of him and was surprised to learn that he has a six-pack as well as other well defined muscles.

In conclusion, the use of the word "despite" leads one to believe that his height and weight would usually pose a problem for the average person, but after reviewing the information given, I can only conclude that this sentence contained an error. 

tl;dr- The word despite should not have been used.

While this comment isn't actually relevant, I could not help myself. If someone with the authority to edit this page is reading this, I hope that you will emend this sentence in a way that removes any possible confusion.

On another slightly related note, I am currently seeking employment. If you are looking for an proofreader or editor, feel free to contact me at the email linked to this account.




I have been a Comic Book fan since the 1960's especially Marvel Comics, Marvel broke many barriers by introducing Black Super Heroes; The Black Panther, The Falcon, Blade, and my favorite LUKE CAGE! (AKA Power Man) Luke Cage was a Super Hero with "Street Cred", now he wasn't a criminal but he DID get framed and sent to prison, while in prison he was given an experimental treatment that increased his strength, stamina, and gave him bullet proof skin. Cage was a man of the streets and the only ACTOR with street cred is 50Cent....Fitty is also very muscular and he also survived being shot while in the streets. If they give this role to the Rock I will never watch a Marvel Movie again!!!! (ok I 'll still watch but under protest)