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Secret Wars (2015) Apr 17, 2015
Magneto: The Story So Far
Secret Wars (2015) Jan 28, 2015
Secret Wars Correspondence: Magneto
Best of 2014 Dec 17, 2014
Comics Best of 2014: The Fights
Marvel Heroes MMO Dec 5, 2014
Unleash Magneto for Marvel Heroes 2015
Marvel Heroes MMO Dec 5, 2014
Magneto in Action - Marvel Heroes 2015

0:50 | trailer

Axis Nov 24, 2014
Psych Ward: Hulk & Magneto
90's By the Numbers Sep 10, 2014
Magneto Makes His Point in 90's By The Numbers
Death of Wolverine Sep 2, 2014
Wolverine's Closest Calls
Aug 3, 2014
Marvel AR: All-New Creators: Cullen Bunn

1:47 | Marvel AR

Aug 3, 2014
Marvel AR: Magneto #1 Cover Recap

1:28 | Marvel AR

This Week in Marvel Podcast May 22, 2014
Download Episode 134 of This Week in Marvel
Uncanny X-Men: Days of... May 22, 2014
Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past - Game Trailer

0:52 | trailer

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Rudd you are bad and Pretend be me! Do not pretend! But I forgive Rudd.


The relationship between Magneto and Professor X is the story line of the X-Men. It is the intersection of where their world meets our world. We all have a little Magneto in us - we naturally hate injustice. That hate brings about so much energy, but wherever those fueled by anger exist, there must be a counter... and so we have the X-Men story. Keep the faith, Magneto! Go Marvel, keep exploring new struggles in the story line of mankind, through the adventures of Magneto and the X-Men! 


Magneto deserves a Standalone movie/comic. If Wolverine is worthy enough, why not Magneto?


@CptnRodgers - Wolverine is the marketable character. Sure, Magneto has marketability as well, but Wolverine is clearly a fan favorite. Let me be clear, I agree with you that Magneto's character could have a great comic, but on the business end of things, that's just not how things work out. 


awesome stuff u have here