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All-New All-Different Marvel Dec 14, 2015
Hold On and Hang Tight With Silver Surfer #1
All-New All-Different Marvel Sep 25, 2015
Silver Surfer Soars Again
Silver Surfer Aug 21, 2015
Silver Surfer: Cosmic Chemistry
Silver Surfer Jul 10, 2015
Dan Slott Surfs the Marvel Cosmos Pt. 2
Silver Surfer Jul 6, 2015
Dan Slott Surfs the Marvel Cosmos Pt. 1
Silver Surfer May 14, 2015
Silver Surfer: The Story So Far
Hero of the Month May 4, 2015
Vote for Marvel's May 2015 Hero of the Month
The Marvel Life Mar 1, 2015
Faith No More Brings 'Superhero' to Marvel
Secret Wars (2015) Feb 18, 2015
Secret Wars Correspondence: Silver Surfer
Aug 3, 2014
Marvel AR: All-New Creators: Mike Allred

0:50 | Marvel AR

Aug 3, 2014
Marvel AR: Silver Surfer #1 Cover Recap

1:25 | Marvel AR

This Week in Marvel Podcast May 1, 2014
Download Episode 131 of This Week in Marvel

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I wonder if they will ever make a Silver Surfer solo movie


He is a major part in the infinity war series! but he is owned by FOX cinematics! Everyone is in the marvel cinematics! how they gonna get them together? Surfer is the one who warns Dr. Strange about thanos and strange gathers everyone, then adam warlock comes in 'cause only he can fight on thanos' level. and silver surfer helps adam. Of course Dr. Strange transports them there, to thanos shrine. 


Has their ever been a Surfer-Hulk issue where the Surfer totally spanks the Hulk? I feel like Marvel is overdue for a "Titans of the Marvel Universe" short series. Marvel, if you decide to run with the idea, I don't ask for a royalty, just that I would get the series for free. Autographed, of course.


I'm surprised there are no comments on SS. This guy has played an awesome role in Marvel Lego game and was my favorite character. There's a ton of cool stuff about him and the cosmic theme is what humanity and science desires. I look forward to a free slot game about him http://www.slotozilla.com/free-slots/silver-surfer Just a demo video for now. A guy surfing the space... The best thing ever imho.