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Death of Wolverine Dec 15, 2014
The Claws Come Out this January in Wolverines #1
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Freshly Digitized 11/9/12

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She was made for the show X-men evolution and got her own series after that. When I first saw her in the show I dismissed her as a knockoff of Wolvie but after reading her back story she turns out to be a great contrast to the Wolverine. Her character has grown tremendously with the X-men and Avengers and most of the writing behind her is solid and interesting to read. BUT what sets her apart from many of Marvel's super heroes is from birth she was conditioned to be murderous and cruel, though she has become a hero she has to fight her very nature every single day. Taking lives is automatic to her, but saving them is a direct violation of her instincts. This struggle makes her every act of kindness more meaningful than the average golden-hearted hero.

Jpcowboys member

Wow Kir that says a lot i dont know this character but seems interesting , just another thing on a long list of things to read up on lol


My favorite Marvel character ever <3