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Core team members

Jack Kirby Aug 27, 2015
Jack Kirby Week: Top Characters
Secret Wars (2015) Apr 23, 2015
The Ultimate Top 10
Ultimate Universe Feb 2, 2015
The Ultimate Universe's Greatest Hits
Aug 7, 2014
Marvel AR: Welcome to Fantastic Four

1:22 | Marvel AR

Aug 7, 2014
Marvel AR: Fantastic Four #1 Cover Recap

1:34 | Marvel AR

Marvel 75th Anniversary Jul 24, 2014
Reading List: The Marvel 75th Anniversary Special
Marvel's Hulk and the Agents... Jun 27, 2014
Marvel's Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Season 1, Ep. 25 - Clip 1

0:58 | clip

Back to Work Jun 23, 2014
Go Back To Work With The Fantastic Four
Marvel Heroes MMO Jun 6, 2014
Marvel Heroes 2015 - Trailer

1:25 | trailer

May 29, 2014
Marvel AR: How Sad It All Is!

1:12 | Marvel AR

May 29, 2014
Marvel AR: Fantastic Four #5AU Cover Recap

1:33 | Marvel AR

May 29, 2014
Marvel AR: "Lost Issue" of Astonishing Tales

3:16 | Marvel AR

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So, now Johnny Storm and Sue Storm, being brother and sister (original design), and 2 different races? Why?  What a way to screw up a storry just to be "equal". pffft! stupid! 


This looks like another failure like Man of Steel changing too much from the original story line! So tired of the main stream media trying to worm its way into the classics! Sorry I wont be watching this one the first two where closer to the comics than this!


(Not to be racest) Why are u making human torch black invisible woman white and mr storm black ur playing russian rullete with a fantastic four movie franchise the first franchise was great


Your wrong they are canceling the book because, they want to poop


You're cancelling this book because, the negotiations with Fox didn't go your way? Like that's gonna affect the movie.

Thanks Marvel! Way to show loyalty to your readers, its not like we made you what you are.