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In the Roman empire soldiers worshiped Mithras, so why not create a new character that has north African ethnic origins called Mithras. Romans like the US  thought of themselves as religious people, and their success as a world power a result of their  relationship with the gods. The god worshiped by soldiers of the Roman empire was Mithras. I'm surprised that Marvel or DC haven't created a super-hero of Mithras god of imperialism.
Mithraism has been linked to early Christianity and there are similarities between the two faiths. Mithras and Yeshua were described as ''the Way'', ''the Light'', ''the Word'', ''the Son of God'' and as ''the Good Shepherd''.

Mithras was represented carrying a lamb on his shoulders, just as Yeshua (Jesus) is. the virgin mother becomes the Virgin (mother) Mary. Petra, the sacred rock of Mithraism, becomes Peter, the rock and foundation of the Christian Church.

Roman legionnaires called Mithra ''the divine Sun'' and ''lord of heaven and earth'' so it's very  conceivable that Mithraism merged with and was assimilated into the new cult or religion of Christianity.  

Mithra's birthday was on the25th of December as is the birth of Christ. The winter solstice is also thought to be the night of the year when Mithra was born of a virgin mother. So Christmas' is the birth of the ''son of God'' but it also coincides with the rebirth of the Sun This has potential for showing the imperialist nature of globalization, drawing comparisons with Roman imperialism and the imperialism of the US post-1945 to the present. 


love captain America he's one of my fave marvel Characters.


This might sound racist, But i dont understand why theyre making him Black, Dont get me wrong im black too, But Seriously


never stop making comics and moviues about captain america ever hes amazing


@MegaAwesomeSuperGuy I don't think they are making him black, just his successor. He isn't less of a human because of that. In fact, he is not less anything because of that. Your tone suggest there may be something wrong with a black dude taking over white dude's business. Are you saying that blacks can't be CEO's? Leaders? Influencers?

See how fast this whole thing can escalate... I wish it wasn't so and I couldn't come up with an offended example so quickly. I really do think the color is not enough to differentiate between people and miss my black friends sometimes more than whites. They know value in together, whites know value in an iphone. Maybe Captain America should be black to bring Americans together and really feel the Blues of history. http://www.slotozilla.com/free-slots/captain-america a video for upcoming free slots game about him. 


@RickSlot @MegaAwesomeSuperGuy Got some guilt, there? You seem to reading a lot into a comment questioning a decision, that is (I assume) based on money, as well as the writer's stated, inability to connect with the character, calling writing him "joyless". If he doesn't like the character, why is he writing this book?


Mithras could certainly be a middle eastern super-hero fighting oppression and bringing order to the world. Whether he defends the order of imperialism imposed upon the planet by Rome or in today's world the USA would be up to Marvel. Whether Marvel's readers are ready to confront the imperialist nature of the USA's relationship with the rest of the planet and its use of its military might like Romans did two thousand years ago or not. Whereas Captain America was a super-hero for the height of American imperialism post-1945, Mithras could represent the new world, post-cold war in which globalization has become much more complex since 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union.


This is how the USA with the EU are forming the new world order post-1991. A world that serves the needs of globalized capital at a cost to the peoples and natural environment. Capital needs to grow at a rate of 3.0% per year for ever, the planet cannot support exponential growth for ever. Captain America represented the US world order, which includes the developed capitalist states of Europe. This world view has been in crises since the late 1970's, that's why the capitalist elite needed to move from a Keynesian model of capitalism to the post-welfare model of a neo-liberal economy and neo-conservative state, supra-state and global governance. Mithras could become the super-hero taking on corporate capitalism and the elite of big business and defender of the people and nature.