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Key Collections

  1. Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 (Trade Paperback)

    The Children of the Atom, runts of the Silver Age litter, are reborn as the All-New, All-Different team of mutants that took the world by storm ...

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  2. New X-Men by Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection Book 1 (Trade Paperback)

    Sixteen million mutants dead – and that was just the beginning! In one bold stroke, writer Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, Batman) propelled ...

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  3. X-Men: S.W.O.R.D.: No Time to Breathe (Trade Paperback)

    Spinning out of ASTONISHING X-MEN comes a story that will take you places you’ve never been! After Secret Invasion, Agent Brand is no longer the...

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  4. X-Men: Endangered Species (Hardcover)

    With three little words, an entire race was nearly obliterated. Every mutant who dies is one number closer to zero. Now, the Beast races against ...

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  5. Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon & John Cassaday (Hardcover)

    Now in one titanic tome: the entire chart-topping run of super-team Joss Whedon and John Cassaday! Winner of multiple prestigious Eisner Awards ...

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Introductory Issues

  1. Uncanny X-Men (1963) #1

    The master of magnetism has taken over a missile base, and only the strangest teens of all time stand between him and victory! It’s the X-Men’s...

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  2. X-Men Origins: Beast (2008) #1

    Hank McCoy never wanted to be different - and for a young mutant with a genius-level brain, camouflage comes easy. But only until a psychopathic ...

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  3. New X-Men (2001) #114

    E For Extinction Part 1 (of 3) Sixteen million mutants dead – and that's just the beginning! The destruction of Genosha is just the beginning of ...

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