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Key Collections

  1. Cable Classic Vol. 1 (Trade Paperback)

    It was 1990, the dawn of the most action-packed decade in comic-book history, and one man – one time-traveling gun-toting mutant cyborg mercenary...

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  2. X-Force: Force to Be Reckoned with (2011)

    Cable has taken over the New Mutants and molded them into a precision strike force! With new members Shatterstar, Warpath, Domino, Siryn and Feral ...

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  3. Cable Vol. 1: Messiah War (Trade Paperback)

    Spinning out of the decade’s biggest X-Men event! The future of mutantkind starts here! Messiah CompleX changed the X-Men forever. But no one’s...

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Introductory Issues

  1. Cable (2008) #1

    WAR BABY PART 1 Cable has been tasked with safeguarding the Messiah of the mutant race! To protect the infant savior, Cable heads to the future ...

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  2. Cable & Deadpool (2004) #1

    Wade Wilson and Nathan Summers are back – and this time, they're stuck with each other! Can two grown men with deadly genetic weaponry work ...

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  3. Cable: Blood & Metal (1992) #1

    Delve into the history of Cable! Who is the man behind the mask of Stryfe?

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