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Key Collections

  1. Hulk: Fall of the Hulks (Hardcover)

    This is it! The Fall of The Hulks begins here. The opening round: THE RED HULK VS. THE THING with Reed Richards' life at stake. When the Baxter ...

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  2. Hulk: Fall of the Hulks - Red Hulk (Trade Paperback)

    FALL OF THE HULKS continues in this action-packed story! What secrets will be revealed? What plans has the RED HULK been hiding from everyone? And ...

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  3. Hulk Vol. 1: Red Hulk (Trade Paperback)

    Superstars Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness will change the way you see the Hulk! In this startling origin epic, the breathtaking events that ended ...

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  4. Hulk Vol.6 : World War Hulks (Hardcover)

    The FALL is over. Long wage the WAR. Red Hulk and Banner have failed, and their worst nightmares have come to kill them. Will they die fighting ...

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  5. Marvel Masterworks: The Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 (Trade Paperback)

    Dr. Robert Bruce Banner may have the appearance of a mild-mannered scientist, but after being caught in a gamma bomb explosion, he became the ...

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Introductory Issues

  1. Hulk (2008) #1

    Superstars JEPH LOEB and ED MCGUINNESS will change the way you see THE HULK! In this startling origin epic, the breathtaking events that ended ...

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  2. Hulk (2008) #23

    WORLD WAR HULKS rages on! Prepare for the origin of the Red Hulk!

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  3. Hulk: Gray (2003) #1

    The critically acclaimed, fan-favorite creative team of DAREDEVIL: YELLOW and SPIDER-MAN BLUE create another of their “Marvel Spectrum” stories...

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  4. Incredible Hulk (1962) #1

    Witness the birth of the Jade Giant! The Hulk is the strangest man alive. Is he man or monster…or both?

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  5. World War Hulk (2007) #3

    The Hulk has never been angrier or stronger or more certain of the vengeance he seeks against Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Black Bolt ...

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