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Annihilation: Conquest Book 1 (2008) HC

Annihilation: Conquest Book 1 (Hardcover)

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The next sci-fi epic blasts off here! In the grim aftermath of the Annihilation War, a devastated universe struggles to rebuild. Gripped by fear and paranoia, civilizations have collapsed and entire worlds are now smoking ruins. What is next for the battle-weary heroes known as Nova, Peter Quill and Quasar? What are Ronan's plans for the once-mighty Kree Empire? Which cosmic characters of the past are about to return? Who is the new hero approaching on the horizon? And what is the new threat that no one suspects? Collecting ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST PROLOGUE; ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST - QUASAR #1-4; ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST - STARLORD #1-4; and ANNIHILATION SAGA.
Rated T+ ...$29.99
ISBN: 978-0-7851-2782-6
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Annihilation: Conquest Prologue (2007) #1
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  • Rating: RATED T+
  • ISBN: 978-0-7851-2782-6
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Price: $29.99
  • UPC: 75960612782500111
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