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When hero faces hero, whose side are you on?

Civil War

July, 2006 - January, 2007

After a horrific tragedy raises questions on whether or not super heroes should register with the government, longtime Avengers teammates Captain America and Iron Man end up on opposite sides of the argument! Writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven split the Marvel Universe in two as friend fights friend in one of the most celebrated and successful events of all-time!

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Damn why would they call it Civil War if most of the important things are gone 


why wouldn't marvel turn the civil war movie  event into the entire phase 3 then have the infinity war in phase 4

norbertomorvan plus member

start driving the yachts full of cash to Sony to get the rights back for spiderman so that you guys can do this Civil War movie right.  pretty big deal for Parker to 'come out' in the story.  but then again, how would you put that genie back in the bottle in the MCU?  if Spidey: OMD get's made into a flick, it's suicide booth time....


Anyone know where I can find civil war with the other front cover where captain america is in the center looking down, on the left is wolverine, spidey etc. and on the right is iron man, the fantastic four etc. Please reply soon :)


For me, this will always be the best event in the entire Marvel Universe. This is the story that kept me on edge from the day it was announced back when I was in high school.

btm5540 member

why did they take down the suggested reading order it made it easier to find issues

Shoe2 member

@janak1802 @btm5540 Is this devoid of issues for anyone else as of 6/5/15?  I was using it yesterday fine

eggrollsofhope member

@StAmuriah @scar7stitches @janak1802 @btm5540 its kind of stupid that we have to use the discover tab to get the recommended reading order.. but when you browse events you get tie-ins seperated.. very frustrating, considering discover doesn't even have a search function

Copywriter2001 member

@deapoolfan435  I have a theory that Marvel is building to Civil War for Avengers 3.  I think it will be Iron Man/Hulk vs. Cap/Thor.  Then the rest of the heroes fall in line behind them.  I think Black Widow takes over Spider-Man's role in the book by starting with Stark and switching to Cap.  She has ties to both of them, and it could even make for a neat love triangle.  I think Cap gets assassinated, and then we get Bucky to take over as Cap.  Even better, maybe Cap 4 is about Bucky and Falcon fighting over who should wear the Flag?!?

A Civil War movie would also be a way to introduce a whole lot of superheroes without the need for origin stories and even integrate the Netflix TV shows into the cinematic universe (DD, Luke Cage, Iron Fist).

I think making Thanos the villain in Avengers 3 is just too obvious, and Marvel has done a really good job of keeping us guessing.  Let's face it, NO ONE guess that SHIELD was going to be disbanded in Winter Soldier.  So, using the same villain we've known about for 3+ years doesn't seem likely.

ClockworkPirate member

@Copywriter2001 @deapoolfan435 Spider-Man's role is more than just being a turncoat. His revealing himself is a big event, and Black Widow doesn't really have a secret identity in the same way he does.

Copywriter2001 member

@ClockworkPirate I agree that it's not a perfect one-for-one trade off.  But secret identities aren't really a thing in the MCU (at least not until the new Daredevil Netflix series comes out).  Iron Man, Cap, and Thor are all known identities.  And even at the end of Winter Soldier we see Black Widow testifying in front of congress with her real name. 

It's kind of an interesting comment on our current (vapid) celebrity culture that they haven't gone the route of secret identities yet in the MCU.  Let's face it, if super heroes were real in our world, they would be chased by paparazzi and TMZ, and they would probably have sponsorship deals (like Captain Amazing in Mystery Men).

Copywriter2001 member

@timtones @Copywriter2001 @deapoolfan435  Yeah, I was off on this prediction.  However, I'm pretty excited about Cap: Civil War.  I think it's smart to make it a smaller movie.  Hopefully, it's just Cap vs. Stark, and leave the rest of the heroes out of it.  That could be pretty cool. 

I will make another prediction:  The thing that sets Cap and Tony on a collision course will be Tony trying to seek revenge on Bucky for killing Howard and Maria Stark.  Cap: Winter Soldier heavily implied (if not outright stated) that the Winter Soldier was responsible for their death.  So, maybe Tony is trying to get revenge and cloaks that in a push for a super hero registration act in order to get Bucky to surface.  I don't know.  That would be really interesting.


Aren't There more tie-ins than that?  Or is it limited to only showing 20, because I'd like a complete list.


Great event. I'm nearly finished with every one of the tie-ins.