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The demon N'astirh wishes to rule both Limbo and Earth and devises a scheme called Inferno to bring his plan to fruition.


December, 1988 - August, 2010

The demon-sorcerer N'astirh not only wished to rule Limbo, but Earth as well. He conceived of a plot to kidnap 13 human babies in order to sacrifice them in a ritual known as Inferno. Using the babies' energy, he opened a portal between Limbo and Earth, which grew unnaturally hot and people began to succumb to their evil desires. Inferno had begun.

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BigDBass member

Thanks for adding X-Terminators 1988 4-issue limited series to MU and this event collection.  It's an important part of the whole event!

jackpwatson member

I wish that there was a way to get the web view of the event to display from beginning to end, chronologically, instead of each series showing piecemeal with no sense of which issue follows which.  I can get it to display that way on the ipad app, disappointing I can't get that here.

buckeyemaniac member

The Cloak and Dagger crossover is the wrong issue. The one here is from the original series in 1983. The one that should be included is The Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #4


Inferno is one of the best crossovers Marvel has ever produced!

telos80 member

According to the inferno hard cover, this even also covers X-Terminators #1-4 which don't show on the list of series at the moment.