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The Morlocks are slaughtered by the Mister Sinister's Marauders, prompting the X-Men, X-Factor and other heroes to get involved.

Mutant Massacre

October, 1986 - January, 2010

The underground community of mutants known as the Morlocks are slaughtered by the villainous Marauders at the behest of Mister Sinister. Investigating, the X-Men, X-Factor and other heroes find themselves locked in a life or death struggle to save the surviving Morlocks from extermination.

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seriously, why are you not oferring these older issues, they have zero value to marvel, unless its to force us to purchase them and if thats the case, im thru being a true believer  FOREVER.


just bought the membership and im immediately pissed and regretting it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  why do i not have access to the whole story line, sure made it seem like i would when i was promised over 17,000 comics to read.  Ridiculous and will not be repeated.


UX-Men 210 and 212 should be available in Marvel Unlimited. Doesn´t make sense to read just part of the event. That´s the kind of stuff that makes me rgret to sign this service.

deidara517 member

@leodeleao i have to agree with this im kinda newly getting invovled in the big time history of marvel comics working my way to the current stuff and i decided my main focus would be the xmen and mutants and this sounds like a big event in their history also come on guys your missing 100 uncanny xmen comics from the original 1963 to 2011 run. i would either recommending updating those or maybe adding the hardcover collection versions on unlimited of some events. 

MonagFam member

@leodeleao  I feel the same way.  I love what I do have access too, but it surprises me where there are some gaps.  I wish I had a better understanding as to why.