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Spider-Man discovers he's dying just as Morlun returns. After a savage fight, Spider-Man dies, only to return evolved.

Other - Evolve or Die

December, 2005 - March, 2006

Just as Spider-Man discovers he's dying from a mysterious disease, Morlun seemingly returns from the dead. Morlun attacks Spider-Man, with the intention of absorbing his essence. But when Morlun threatens Mary Jane, Spider-Man savagely protects her, biting Morlun and absorbing his essence, killing him. Spider-Man dies in Mary Jane's arms and his body is taken to Stark Tower, where something emerges from the body and forms a cocoon from which a revitalized Peter Parker soon breaks free with newfound powers.

Characters In This Event


norbertomorvan plus member

not enough bkgnd on why morlun came back in this event.  would have made the story better.  also, JUST KILL AUNT MAY FOR CHRISSAKES.

and the stingers were weird.  dig the eating of the eye.  

thankfully, the lack of story on morlun in this one left a ton of room for Slott to expand in the current spider-verse, a great event.  always felt that morlun had some interesting villain potential and JMS was unfairly hated on for the original story with Morlun and Ezekiel (totems, etc)


The story spans across Spider-Man's three series at the time. Maybe that's because there are no issues. But here is the reading order.

Act One:

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 1
  • Marvel Knights: Spider-Man 19
  • Amazing Spider-Man 525

Act Two:

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 2
  • Marvel Knights: Spider-Man Vol 1 20
  • Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 526

Act Three:

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man3
  • Marvel Knights: Spider-Man 21
  • Amazing Spider-Man 527

Act Four:

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 4
  • Marvel Knights: Spider-Man 22
  • Amazing Spider-Man 528