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The Avengers rise up to end the Dark Reign of Norman Osborn!


December, 2009 - May, 2010

When Norman Osborn gathers his evil Cabal to attack Asgard, Captain America leads the Avengers to end the Dark Reign! In a four-issue event written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Olivier Coipel, Earth's Mightiest reunite to oppose their dark counterparts and kick start a Heroic Age!

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brobgilbert member

Is there not a way to get it all in order like on the MU app? I have a Windows 10 laptop and would like the ability to read from here too but the website is not as easy to follow as the app.


Very strange, to find an event listing for Siege and yet no listing for its much better precursor Dark Reign.  Are these comment sections going to become more comprehensive as time goes on...?  Sadly, there are many glaring omissions.


@burninggiraffe I am the digital product manager for Marvel.com. We will look into adding Dark Reign. The Events & Crossovers section is a constant work in progress. Marvel's history is incredibly deep, so it definitely helps to get input from fans!

Hope you enjoy the new comment platform! We expect conversations to grow and flourish as more people start posting comments.