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When heroes, villains and ordinary people across Manhattan gains spider powers, can Spider-Man keep the peace?


August, 2011 - November, 2011

This summer, heroes, villains and ordinary people across Manhattan gain spider abilities, but not all realize that with great power comes great responsibility! Can Spider-Man keep the peace? Dan Slott spearheads this arachna-tastic event in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man!

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Characters In This Event


Bullship member

so... none of the issues are on Marvel Unlimited?

jedy member

@Bullship If you're looking at them through the App you can find them all under events. The webpage is terrible.

nextvic member

@Bullship That sucks, this event is constantly referenced in Venom, Scarlet Spider, and Spider-Man story lines.

nextvic member

@Bullship No, they are on Unlimited. You just have to find the issues yourself.

Zeddy1184 member

um i am having an issue i keep clicking on the spider island thing to put in my cart? But when i go to checkout it says my cart is empty?