The Avengers must submit or perish when Ultron takes over!

Age of Ultron

March, 2013 - June, 2013

In a 10-issue event written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Bryan Hitch, Carlos Pacheco, Brandon Peterson and more, the heroes of the Marvel Universe have already fallen with the robot Ultron remaking the world in his image. The surviving Avengers, X-Men and others must fight through time and space in the hope of defeating their foe by any means necessary!

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HudsonHouse member

Can you guys please add Ultimate Marvel events to the list?

1. Ultimate Gah Lak Tus trilogy

2. Ultimatum

3. Ultimate War

4. Ultimate Cataclysm


aftermath :
Hulk #11-#15
Age of Ultron: A.I. #10