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When the Avengers and their allies wage a war on two fronts, nothing lasts forever!


August, 2013 - October, 2013

While the most powerful Avengers journey into outer space in an attempt to unite the universe against the Builders, Thanos attacks the Earth in a six-issue event written by Jonathan Hickman with the art of Jim Cheung, Jerome Opena and Dustin Weaver! Featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Inhumans and many more!

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Hey i was hopIng you guys could helP me out...i was wondering what books come Before this story arc? I read age of ultron hoping it would lead to this but i didnt find a CONNECTION...is this a completely new story arc by itself? And what exactly are the "companion" comics?


@Omcast1022  This may not count but I read Guardians of the Galaxy issues 5,6,7 and they kind off made some connections between the two events.

HudsonHouse member

I like how each book (kinda) has its own color like Civil War.

mattturner2004 member

when are these going to M Unlimited... I like me some mad titan action

chance7006 member

@mattturner2004 The unlimited sub runs about 6 months behind the print issues. We're just now seeing the books released in July '13 this week.


Looks very interesting. I don't mind the occasional story that takes place outside of our humble little Earth, or even outside of America for that matter.

Also thanks Marvel for updating the forums on this site. The old ones, even with a Marvel account, never successfully allowed me to post on anything. These ones do. That's the only change I care about.



Yep. My days at Marvel.com are at an end.

Swing by the Tavern sometime buddy.

R.I.P. Marvel.com...