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Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #23

Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos (1963) #23

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

So, Japanese soldiers, who fail, have to commit Hari-Kari, yes? That...sounds like a children dance. So let's get the usual PSA out, shall we? 1. It's not called Hari-Kari, it's Harakiri. 2. Harakiri is a rather rude way of saying it, the Japanese prefer Seppuku. 3. Using it so casually, along with buzzwords like Samurai and a very toothy appearance, is...well... #CasualSixtiesRacism. I mean, they have to show they are in asia somehow, right? Right?

We also have a bunch of kids in the firefight, and while they're pretty believable at first (happy to see the people rescuing them, one kid playing the bugle, giving them away), they later have a first-row seat of seeing the Howlers kill a lot of people...and they cheer. That's not a very happy scene, folks!

Else than that a nice, different story. The Howlers need to escort a nun and some children through the Burmese jungle. And it actually defies some stuff usually present in this story: No, the Japanese are NOT actually fooled. They fooled the Howlers! Their brilliant plan of letting Pinky sneak away with the children was exactly, what they wanted! And no, even though it should be obvious, that the nun does have the plans she always denies, she really doesn't have them. In fact: There never were any plans! The Japanese soldiers made them up to get rid of the monasteries influence! Also, none of the children helps to save the day, and showing mercy to the enemy, who is surrendering, is shown as a move so stupid, the Howlers won't make it (they know the three guys have a gun behind their back).

Last but not least: Suddenly Percies backstory! And it's a nice one, seeing as he is a failure by his own standards, and didn't notice, how high he had risen.

And with that...what, no more Howler-comics? Too bad, this little warmag actually was one of the best comics of the sixties! I'd love to read more about them...