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Strange Tales #118

Strange Tales (1951) #118

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

"We leave! And we promise to never come back again!"

Doctor Strange: "...I'm inclined, not to believe you..."

and that is why Doctor Strange deserves his own movie. He is not stupid, not even in the Silver Age. Still, I kinda hopes he'd battle a supernatural force, and not one of the sixties three prominent villain-archetypes, aliens (the other two are robots and communist).

The Human Torch was...quite okay. Safe for the idiotic plan from the Wizard. But else the characters were consistent, the execution of said plot was actually pretty good, Johnny fell for a believable ruse, but fought back by being clever and showing his skill, and ultimately - he fails. Which is a refreshing change of pace. Of course, the Wizards cover is blown, but he more or less achieved his basic goal: He's free and he developed his Anti-Gravity discs enough to use them to fly away for long distances. The necessary bad ending for the comics code of the disc being jammed and him ascending further and further is pretty much already resolved in the final panel.