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Strange Tales #123

Strange Tales (1951) #123

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

The Human Torch was okay this time, the Beetle is a nice, goofy villain, and having the Thing as a permanent guest star helps upping the comedy. Still, nothing more than "new costumed baddy in town, fights the heroes because he wants to, looses in the end".

Doctor Strange had pretty much arrived in the Marvelverse by now. Sure, he had a guest appearance at the Fantastic Four, but now he has guests in his own magazine. And even though it kinda breaks the normally mysterious mood - you can't have a better villain outside of Stranges own Rogue gallery for him than Loki. And the plot isn't half bad...though I would've thought Doctor Strange had heard about Lokis attack on humanity by now. Heck, he talks about the Avengers, and they formed when Loki attacked! Still, good story, and, as usual, better than the Torch.

Chaseytezak member

I am viewing it on my iPhone right now and I can see both. I have only read up to this issue at this point so I'm not sure about later ones, but I haven't had any problems do far.


On many of these I can only see the Human Torch stories- is the Dr Strange story uploaded or is there another way to view it?