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Strange Tales #125

Strange Tales (1951) #125

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  • Format: Comic
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Brentp256 member

Another beautiful restoration on these comic pages, but again, why not use the original colors during restoration? It is one thing to use a different shade, or add a gradient fill, but many colors are completely different then the original.  Strange. 

JackStamper member

So...why DID Mordo send his three underlings to Doctor Strange. It can't be gloating or anything, either they succeed and Strange is dead (which they could've done all the time, there was nothing special about it), or, as it was predictable, they fail and Strange gets about two minutes of a head-start of looking around for the Ancient One (which is pointless, seeing how Mordo explained everything immediately afterwards). It seems Mordos underling only served two purposes: Showing, he HAS big-eyed Mummy-Henchman, and giving us some action before he explains his part.

Which was pretty unnecessary anyway. If he really wanted to defeat Strange, he should've kept his plan a secret, but I guess when I criticize that, I can just send him the Evil Overlord List and be done with it. A fairly average Doctor Strange-story, Mordo kidnapping the Ancient One is pretty much done by now, and there was nothing new to this story. Heck, the only really clever thing Strange did in the fight was feigning to flee and using that to search for the Ancient One. That's it, the rest of the battle, it's pretty much "my magic is stronger", and that's it.

The Torch/Thing-Story is similar disappointing, both attacking Namor for approaching the shore, always saying, he's got a vast army following, without ever checking, choosing to tackle him in the middle of the ocean, even though, as unveiled by Reed Richards at the end, he only came as a request to talk about peace...that's pretty stupid. They're doing this, because they think, Reed and Sue got too much of the spotlight, so they want to get all the laurels for themselves this time. Clearly, this story manages to make a fool out of them both. But consider this: Reed was working for weeks on getting Namor to come, and apparently NEVER TOLD THEM! Last time Namor arrived, he invaded New York, it was a pretty logic thing to assume, once Johnny or Ben see him, they'll attack! While they were stupid to tackle him alone, the fault for them attacking him at all is clearly all with Reed Richards, for not telling them, what he was doing, even though there was NO reason for keeping it to himself. Also: If the reporters talked to Sue and Reed about an interview...why did they arrive, when neither of them was at home?

Not a good issue, all in all.