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Strange Tales #128

Strange Tales (1951) #128

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

"Stop Thing! They won't fight anymore. I'm sure read wouldn't want us to continue the fight."

... "You did what? Why did you let them go! They are still wanted criminals! Heck, minutes before their arrival, there was a bulletin on television about them! They don't want to fight anymore? Great, so they should give up! Well...at the very least you started to accept my natural superiority and base all your decisions on what I would do..." "Yes Master." "And why did you attack before asking them, what they were up to? Does a policeman shoot first and ask questions later?"

Joking aside this was an interesting story, but very much strangled by the necessity of the status quo. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch had to stay on Magnetos side, they couldn't change alliances outside of their own book. So Torch and Thing had to immediately attack them (Reed had to be away, because he at least is more diplomatic), and Wanda and Pietro had to forget they're WANTED CRIMINALS, so heroes and police attacking them shouldn't be surprising. Also: "We want into this restricted area of the building." "It is restricted." "HOW DARE YOU!"

The Strange Story is nice, although it seems to suffer at one place from the Marvel method of working. We clearly see Strange being captured by this Cyttorac-crysstal, only to slip out in his astral-form and search the house, while the evil sorceror attacks him unsuccessfully. Then he gets back and breaks the prison. However, the dialogue states, Strange escaped the prison, before it was finished, and the Strange inside it is an illusion. Which may have worked...if not for the fact that we see Strange getting back inside and breaking the crystal. It seems, Stan had the scene different in his head and tried to change it with the dialogue.

That being said, even though we never quite know the limitations of his powers, it's still obvious, Strange thinks very cleverly and always has a backup-plan, if the direct approach fails. A very interesting story.