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Strange Tales #129

Strange Tales (1951) #129

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

This trio were never meant to be recurring villains. Heck, one of them only has the power of advanced hearing. He was only used to hear, were the Invisible Girl might be. Now he apparently also is the brains of this combo, which...just by comparing him to the others, actually makes sense. And so it's no wonder, that they bungle their way towards the end, just getting along by sheer luck (Torch somehow managed to lodge his foot in the tracks when he landed). And in the end, the three of them (including the guy with advanced hearing) just turn around and marvel in their victory, not noticing the Thing stopping the train, getting free and walking to them. Of course.

Meanwhile the Doctor Strange tales was quite entertaining, introducing a new enemy. The angle of everyone knowing Doctor Strange, but doubting the dark arts is an interesting one, even though the end was a bit...well, Status Quo is God. Still, as I said, interesting story, and great use of his cape.