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Strange Tales #130

Strange Tales (1951) #130

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

Another example of how far the two parts of the comic are apart by now. The Torch/Thing-Comic has them meeting the Beatles...twice, accidentally, while the british Pop-Group remains silent and just smiles stupidly. Instead of seeing the concert, the two chase after some guys stealing the payroll, and...well, then it gets really silly. Torch chases them to a carnival, where they try to escape by riding the water slide. Torch gets closer, they splash him with water, he goes down, conveniantly landing in a water tank, which they try to flood (guys: a human body floats. If you really want to make sure he drowns, you have to weighten his body. Also: How does nobody else stop and think: "Hey...maybe I should help this guy, before he is murdered."

The Thing then arrives and...well...it worked once, didn't it?

"Quick, get into the roller coaster! It's too quick for him to follow!"

*Thing looks at them, calmly walks to the exit and waits for the ride to stop.*

"Curses! Foiled again!"

Na, I'm kidding. He RIPS APART the roller coaster, sends them flying into the air, catches them, and...erm...then puts them on the Ferris wheel.. He then wants to rig it, so it spins too fast and they can't get up. Which takes him so much time, one of the three gangsters jumps down immediately and takes his sweet time getting closer, ready to wack the Thing on the head with a flagpole.

Meanwhile, Torch gets back up and searches for a way to dry himself, when he notices a part of machinery Ben accidentally took with him, which could send thousands of Volt through his body. He figures, that could dry him in an instant. No, I'm not kidding, he wants to be electrocuted while wet, just to get dry in time. He even admits it might kill him. And remember: They are chasing three guys just for a payroll!

Well, he somehow survives, safes a still oblivious Thing, who throws the guy back on the Ferris wheel and spins it himself, predictably throwing them of the wheel again in the process, before finally getting the idea of just tying them up. They bring back the payroll, miss the concert, end of story. Boy, was that stupid.

On the other hand: Doctor Strange. Baron Mordo gets a power-up and is many times stronger then Strange. He hits the Ancient One from behind, taking him out, and drives Strange away. I already guessed his benefactor, which I guess most people can, so thankfully they openly show him a third of the way in: The dreaded Dormmamu, using a loophole in his promise by powering Mordo up, so its not him attacking Strange or the Ancient One.

Strange manages to escape,. get the Ancient One to a safe place, and flees to the guy handling the Ancient Ones finances, so he can formulate his immediate plans. donning a disguise he heads out into the world, while Mordo uses his new powers to send every master of the Dark Arts against him, leading to a little battle in china, and an open ending afterwards. How will Strange defeat the evil duo? This has me hooked way more than any Torch-Tale ever had!

Bad Torch poart, stellar Strange part - like usual.