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Strange Tales #131

Strange Tales (1951) #131

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

Let's get the broken record out again, shall we? Torch/Thing - silly story. Doctor Strange - Amazing.

After the Thinker basically gave up on "I can predict everything perfectly", and settled on a more logically: "I can predict how certain factors will react to 99,9% clarity, though new elements thrown into the situation can screw me over", and after a failed bankrobbery-attempt of his followers (Thanks to Torch and Thing casually driving by a bridge he rigged and saving it from collapsing, therefor destroying the escape route) he created the ultimate weapon - A flying Ball!

After attending the grand opening of a new Dam (And surprising me by showing, this invitation is genuine and not another ruse to get them there) the Duo has to save it. Thinkers plan collapsed after just a little brawl, since the Thing, distracted by the Torch, doesn't hit the flying ball, and ducks instead. This somehow causes the ball to instead repeatedly hit the dam. The Duo and the guy who had planned the dam managed to safe it from destruction, and Torch managed to destroy the ball with his Nova-Flame, but passes out from the detonation. He falls to his death...if it weren't for the Thing catching him, because being caught by someone standing on the ground negates all the energy of the fall immediately, and doesn't STILL cause death from impact.

Doctor Strange, meanwhile, is still on the run from Mordo. In a suspenseful story, he evades and sometimes battles his henchman, and though he can defeat them, the sheer numbers, combined with Mordo himself getting involved doesn't leave him much breathing space, so he tries to leave the city and go somewhere else. He plans to fly away, but obviously boarding a plane is kinda obvious, so he works out a distraction, that manages to fool Mordo into ruling an escape by plane out. He's no closer to beating Mordo, but now he at least has some breathing space to formulate a better plan. And this, my dear friends, is how you get a reader hooked. The situation stays dire, but there is some progress in process. Let's see, where he flew off to...