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Strange Tales #132

Strange Tales (1951) #132

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  • Format: Comic
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calecp01 member

Space magnets, how do they work?

JackStamper member

What's this? A good Torch-Story? Yeah, this time Johnny works undercover for NASA. They needed someone to face a potential turncoat, who also has some experience as an astronaut. Reed Richards is far too well known, especially with the scientists of NASA, the Thing is obviously too easy to recognize, and Sue can't because girls have cooties. So Johnny is the logical choice for this trick, and he does his thing quite good.

But wait, this is a Torch/Thing-Buddymag, you say! Yes, the Thing blasted into the story with a message from Johnny's girlfriend - really just an excuse for him to get on the scene. Which results in him creating an accident that nearly killed the torch, giving himself away to the potential enemy (their efforts to pose him as a reporter being laughable at best), culminating in a trap for him, now that their enemy is warned. But both the Torch (who was trapped inside the rocket in space) and the Thing escape their traps in a somewhat believable way and tackle the villain simultaniously. Overall: Still a silly story, but with a lot more effort in it than usual. If only all Torch-Stories were like this.

Doctor Strange goes into the Finale of the Mordo/Dormammu-Teamup. Strange arrives back in New York and finds his sanctum guarded by one of Mordos lackeys. But he gets the brilliant idea to put on flashy clothes and pose as a guy trying to defeat Doctor Strange. Once Mordos lackeys shows himself, he mocks Strange absence and says he's telling the papers, causing the henchman to try and silence him...catching him off guard and knocking him out.

But after this he falls into a nice trick of his own. Knowing full well the Eye of Agamotto was able to reveal, where his powers might come from, and being unable to destroy it, Mordo placed a curse on it, preventing Strange from using it and warning Mordo, if he tries. Now knowing Stranges location, he gets another power-boost from Dormammu and teleports to Strange. They fight, and Strange manages to put the puzzle pieces together, finally realizing who supplies Mordo with power - right when said power defeats him. Wow...can't wait what happened to him!