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Strange Tales #138

Strange Tales (1951) #138

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

"The bullets...they are bouncing of him, he must wear a bullet-proof vest!" - "Aim for the head!" - "But that doesn't make sense. His chest looks normal, no bulky parts on him!" - "Aim for the head!" - "And even, if he had one, he should still feel the impact of the-" - "Aim for the head, you idiot!"

The Agent of Shield-part is very nice, though a bit goofy at times. And yes, the side-plot with the girl is hurting the story. But besides that? Hydra now even has sub-divisions, Tony Stark more or less became a side-character, and most of all: While our heroes are no pushovers, Hydra is shown as being very competent in their own rights, having won the last few encounters. This is a very nice story so far! Makes me wonder, where they'll go with it, seeing how everything points towards the organization, or at least the leader being defeated in a few issues...

This great story would have made the mag awesome on its own...but it's dwarved by the following Doctor Strange story: Strange finds Eternity, the entity, that gave the Ancient One his powers, in hopes of powering up Strange as well. But...he refuses, stating, Strange may not have the raw power, but the wisdom to overcome his oponents. And...he has to, since they found the Ancient One and took him prisoner, preparing for the final battle with Strange! This is going to get intense...

Probably the best magazine in Marvels stable at this time. Yes, I like this more than FF, Spider-Man and JiM!