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Strange Tales #139

Strange Tales (1951) #139

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

And this is the story of the death of Nick Fury...or, it should've been, seeing how he sets of an explosive strong enough to destroy a special prison wall while inside the same, small room, with the explosion being on the inside. Well...that logical flaw, and the "daughter of the leader turns to the good guys"-plot as negatives out of the way, Agent of SHIELD was quite good, especially, when they did something new with that plot: The Hydra-Agents she ordered away did find that behavior suspicious, and went the formal way of reporting the whole thing. And, after first trying something else, the leader did send his elite guard to Fury, knowing full well his daughter is in the line of fire, but seeing no other options. Something I didn't quite get, was why the Hydra-Division stopped probing Fury...they could've just tried something more subtle, like showing Tony Stark and having him talk about stuff, to gather information from Furys answers. Well...maybe that would've been asking too much for this time period. But not too much to ask, would be to keep this enemy a little bit further...instead we're told Hydra ends next issue. Too bad.

Doctor Strange on the other hand is completely flawless. Strange gets a tiny power boost from the Ancient One, Mordo a giant one from Dormammu, and from that point it's skill versus sheer force...and Strange manages to outwit Mordo a few times, until Dormammu has enough and...I guess breaks his oath, entering the battlefield himself. This oughta be interesting.

Great comic overall!

dgorhcards member

Here begins the confusion of "Supreme Hydra" With "Imperial Hydra" as for the first eight pages supreme is used when in the first three issues it is imperial and then the last pages goes back to imperial.