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Tales of Suspense (1959) #42 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #42

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The Story
The Red Barbarian is at the gate, and he wants Iron Man's secrets! The golden gladiator against his first "red menace!" (Originally published as TALES OF SUSPENSE (1963) #42)
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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

Yeah...that ending really didn't make much sense...it feels, like there's a clever twist hidden within it, Iron Man posing as the actor would've been a great idea...if he had anything to gain from it. But he hasn't. He got the plans, and it's to be expected, that the Actor will be executed for his failure, no need to do more here. Remember: He doesn't know the actor knows his identity...and even if he did, it would've been smarter to take him back to the US or trick him, rather then hope nobody will believe him.

So what did he want to accomplish? He goes to the Red Barbarian, tricks him into believing he's the actor, everything suceeded, safe for a timelock on the briefcase...and then take sof again, WITH THE BRIEFCASE?

Not only does it make no sense for the Red Barbarian to not take the briefcase for safekeeping, or at least insinst "the Actor" stay inside his fortress, he really must think all Reds are idiots, if his whole plan hinges on the fact that the Red Barbarian thinks, the Actor suddenly decides to say everything was a lie and Iron Man got the plans right into his face is more plausible then Iron Man actually did get the plans and impersonated the Actor at first. Sadly, Iron Man was right: The Red Barbarian was an idiot, and rightfully never appeared again.