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Tales of Suspense (1959) #50 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #50

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The Story
In his first appearance, the sinister Scarecrow tries to put the fear in Iron Man! Armor vs. rags...and crows!
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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

Erm...okay? This was the biggest cop-out from a fight, I have ever seen. "This new foe is dangerous! He has these ten rings, all with a special power! Also he has all these great gadgets! And Iron Man is nearly out of power! Plus, he is just unveiling his biggest weapon!" "Wow, what is it?" "Erm...oh...well...he knows karate!" "Oh..." "But he can chop through Steel with it! Iron Man doesn't have a chance!" "So how does Iron Man escape?" "...oh yeah...erm...he...reads on his wristcomputer the trajectory of a blow." "And the Mandarin just let's him do it?" "...yes...to amuse himself." "...okay? And how does knowing the trajectory help him?" "Well, then he can block the attack." "Even though the Mandarin can chop through steel?" "...it wasn't the wright angle." "And how does blocking one chop save him?" "Well, the Mandarin passes out from the pain." "You wrote yourself into a corner, didn't you?"

Yeah, this issue was a bit disappointing. They tried to establish the Mandarin as a threat...but they threw everything they could think of at this character, excluding a motivation for fighting Iron Man, else then: Iron Man was trespassing. Also, redesign Pepper Potts. Happy Hogan said it best: "I liked you more before."