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Tales of Suspense (1959) #58 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #58

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  • Format: Comic
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pgw78 member

In the previous issue, brief exposure to an oxidizing agent crippled his suit with rust in a matter of seconds. This issue opens with him submerging it in the ocean for fifteen minutes without consequence.

Brentp256 member

Why is Tuska listed as the primary artist?  He did the "Tales of the Watcher" back-up which is sadly missing.  Don Heck did the pencils in the lead story.  It is a shame the backup isn't shown, as it is the first work George Tuska did after being re-hired by Marvel (having last worked there in the 40's and 50's, I believe).  Great artwork!

JackStamper member

This...well...Stan could've used a proofreader here.

"Why does Mr. Stark have an Iron Man Tracer in his car?" GOOD QUESTION! There's no reason he needs a tracer to find himself!

Captain America appears and says, an enemy able to copy his appearance did just that, and Iron Man has to beat him up. Iron Man actually falls for that and leaves, finds another Cap and explains everything from that Cap not wanting to fight to being able to fight and think like the real Cap as "Wow, he really is that good at copying."

And then, after fighting Cap for a while, Iron Man says he found someone operating machines to kill Iron Man, who happens to look like Captain America. And Iron Man has no idea, why he would've done that. Tony, it's not your suit, that's low on energy, it's your brain.

Dear God, this welcoming story to Cap in ToS was a mess.