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Tales of Suspense (1959) #59 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #59

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JackStamper member

The Iron Man story has its flaws, yes, but the Captain America story is just weak. We get to see Jarvis for the first time, in a minor role: they just needed a butler to kidnap. But he managed to make the villains look like fools doing so, by revealing the information they wanted from him were easily available legally. The rest is just: "Let's once again prove that Captain America is a great superhero despite his powers. Let everyone say again and again, he's an easy target, and then knock them on the head!" A group of thugs arrive, with some different weapons and specialties to make it interesting, and Cap simply pounces them through the room. Boring...

Back to Iron Man. The Black Knight breaks out and wants to defeat the Avengers. Logically, when a former plan of him and two other villains under the command of Baron Zemo to defeat the Avengers fails, it's the best idea to try it all on your own, next. He chooses Iron Man first, since he knows, where he is...which is odd, seeing as the Cap-Story explained, Avengers Mansion already exist, and one Avengers is always there. Tony suddenly has a heart attack, thanks to his chest device lacking energy for now. He can't reload, since Pepper and Happy are in the room, shocked, and not wanting to leave him at all. Now, the intelligent thing to do would be thinking: "These two won't abandon me, even in the gravest of situations. They deserve to know at least enough of the truth to save my life. Heck, it's better I tell them I'm Iron Man anyway...

Instead Tony has massive luck he stays alife, manages to sneak into his office and lock it, when the Black Knight cuts the power and the lights go out. He fights the knight a bit, until the endless compassion for Tony leaves Happy to climb from a window towards Starks office, only to get in the middle of the fight. Iron Man saves him, tells them to stop trying to help Stark, and defeats the Knight, who never was an equal here. Then Stark gehts cold feet: His chest device only managed to work at peak efficiency today after he became Iron Man, if he takes away his armor and the transistors, his device might become so weak again, he gets another heart attack - and this time won't be able to survive. So he stays Iron Man and says Stark left and put him in charge.

To recap: Stark was pretty much dying, went into his office, Iron Man told everyone to stay away, and then walks out of the office with Stark nowhere to seen, telling all, he's now in charge. Yup, they'll suspect him now...

A rather weak Iron Man, a very weak Cap. Let's hope for better stories soon.

fivepan member

Introducing Jarvis Mark I...in the flesh.