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Tales of Suspense (1959) #61 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #61

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pgw78 member

Why the heck is a Japanese Sumo wrestler a general in the Viet Kong army?

JackStamper member

Well...this is a start for formal Cap-Stories. No small goons, he can overpower easily, but an army, including a general with special powers (this time: A sumo-ringer). It resembles early Iron Man-stories, and even though there isn't much plot to it, it's an enjoyable read...but not something you can publish monthly.

The Iron Man-story tried to widen the scope of the "Tony Stark is away and Iron Man under suspicion"-plot. First, by showing Pepper and Happy quitting and getting together with the police to nab Iron Man, than by Happy discovering Stark alive, only for his house to be hit by GIANT LASER BEAM! With Stark thought dead Pepper blames Iron Man for it again, while Iron Man traces the beam back to china and goes to confront the Mandarin. He is easily captured, and the Mandarin sets up the next issue by proclaiming, he's going to tell him his origin.

An interesting issue, but both stories are still lacking. At least Iron Man still works with an ongoing plot, and Cap starts to get real enemies.