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Tales of Suspense (1959) #62 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #62

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The Story
With Iron Man in his custody, the Mandarin reveals his life story, the origin of his powers, and his plan to ignite World War 3! Also: Captain America must fight his way out of a prison full of pugilistic inmates after his shield is stolen!
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pgw78 member

That's strange. Here on Earth 1218, Chinese dragons are considered intelligent and benevolent.


'But I knew I would never starve - For I had a destiny to fulfill!' Amazing. :-) Really enjoyed the Mandarin's origin story, getting into his mind and sharing the adventure. Alien dragon, the rings - I like it.

JackStamper member

And we end the Iron Man story with...Tony Stark still officially dead and Iron Man wanted. In fact we don't get any further information about what's up in the US at all. But we do get a conclusion to the Mandarin-Plot, as well as an Origin for the villain.

And that origin is...meh. Some very good elements (you get his strong aura, and parts of his upbringing, but it also feels, as if some ideas were dropped suddenly...his aunt dies off-panel after one panel of actual interaction with this possible antagonist/possible helper, and on his way to a mystic place he falls down a cliff, to instead find a spaceship. I especially like, how he says, he feels no fear, only to scream at finding a skeleton the very next panel.

And with that the rings are explained, though still not all defined. But we're getting there. This was, so far, the best Mandarin-Story in my eyes.

The Cap-Story was...a bit of a letdown after the last one. Stan freely admits to use the same premise as in a previous issue in a caption box of the splash page and reverts back to a bunch o normal man for Cao America. The interesting thing though is Stan changing something he did to make CA more modern: Captain America  through out all the magnetic gadgets Iron Man put into the shield, since he didn't need them, and they were throwing of the balance of the shield a bit. A nice touch, but it can't quite safe this story. And the end-joke is...well, terrible. I'm pretty sure they said these words a thousand times, while standing in front of it...and every villain getting in or out of prison will hear the password.

Overall nice issue, but better stories for both heroes were around the corner.