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Tales of Suspense (1959) #63 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #63

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dgorhcards member

Interesting that this issue doesn't have the Iron Man part.

JackStamper member

@dgorhcards Except it does. Well, it does now, I guess. But the story still lacks a good villain. A mystery "Phantom", who is just a saboteur in a costume. Of course it's the one new guy mentioned by name, who got told to wait with his wishes some time longer, and of course his motivation is really bad, but at the very least the story besides the fight against the Phantom is nice. Stark has an idea for a more powerful transistor and finally gathers the courage, to take his armor off. He brings himself back to life and announces his engagement to Pretty McDoesntexist, so Pepper forgets him and gets together with Happy, which she basically immediately does. And both Happy and Pepper still hate Iron Man...seems Stan finally found the formula, he was most interested in.

With Captain America Stan finally admitted he couldn't write any good modern CA-stories, and just started retelling his wartime adventures, starting with his origin (just read this 40es-style dialogue!) and also Buckies, which...still seems sudden. "Hey Steve, sorry to barge in, but I nee-OH MY GOD, you're Captain America." - "Dang...well, better search for a costume boy, gonna take you Nazi-bustin with me. You just need a nickname. How about...Bucky?" - "That's my actual name." - "Perfect!" - "Also, isn't it a little dangerous bringing a kid on a mission like that?" - "Ah, what's the worst, that could happen..."

Solid issue, though it could've profited from good villains for both segments.

pgw78 member

Yeah, gotta love Bucky's origin. And the way he and Cap constantly go AWOL because, even though Steve gained his powers and equipment from the US Government, no one in the army knows his secret identity.