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Tales of Suspense (1959) #64 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #64

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pgw78 member

Hawkeye: "Widow, you're alive!" Widow: "Yes! I was flown to Russia so I could be ordered to come back here. I'm a Russian spy, and I need you to complete my mission." Hawkeye: "I told you last time: you're hot, but I'm not going to be a traitor!" Widow: "All I need you to do is kill one of the Avengers. Pretty please? I'm still hot..." Hawkeye: "Dammit, you are still hot. Okay, you win. Kidnapping, treason, and murder it is." Later... Hawkeye: "Widow, you're injured! I have to get you out of here!" Widow: "No! The mission! Argh, your stupid love for me (the one reason you're doing this in the first place) has ruined everything!"

Elrast plus member

Agent 13 eventually becomes Sharon Carter.

Elrast plus member

Edit: Agent 13 eventually becomes the code name of Sharon Carter.

JackStamper member

#mubug somehow can't see my comments. Tried to send it again, server says it's already there, still see nothing...

JackStamper member

The Return of the Black Widow, Version 2.0! And here she suddenly takes a huge step upwards and gets closer to the modern spy/assassin-version. Together with Hawkeye she captures Pepper and Happy, so Iron Man gets to them. Stark instead first appears as himself, to quietly take out a lot of the enemy agents on their meeting place, only to turn into Iron Man and kick the remainders asses.
He then decides to attack the weakest link, in this case: Natasha. And I don't blame him: She's a much better character now than before, but nowhere near the Martial Arts-Expert she is today. He injures her, and Hawkeye doesn't use the opening, she created, instead rushing her away to treat her wounds. Oh, and Happy proposed to Pepper! I...don't know, what the sixties thought about marriage, it always seems so rushed, when you see a proposal, and it's more or less viewed, as if it was the only way to start dating! But, besides the bad romance, overall a very good story, a big step in the right direction.
As for Cap: We're again in the past, with the story of Sandu and Omar. Aaaand...I don't get it. They predict bad stuff happening to the US Army, their predictions get reality. However, it turns out, the visual predictions are all pre-recorded (How do they have footage of the bridge collapsing, if it hasn't collapsed, yet?), and Sandu is a Nazi-Saboteur, his men are actually doing the damage. So...why the act? Isn't it much less conspicuous to just blow up the bridge and be done with it, then to announce it openly? How is THAT gonna be more terrifying, if the same things happen, only now they basically give a free warning...so soldiers can wait and look out for the Saboteurs!
Anyway, Bucky and Cap get help from "Agent Thirteen", who first looks like a hostage, only to fight her way through, enabling Cap and Bucky to fight as well and not fears for her safety first. She shows, as she said, even a Female can fight. Which is just equal amounts progressive and conservative. Well...more progressive, to be fair. The story itself is ridiculous, but still fun and entertaining. But how many war stories are there left, until they try to write Cap in modern times, again?