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Tales of Suspense (1959) #65 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #65

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calecp01 member

Smoke that pipe, Cap!

JackStamper member

We visit the past twice this time in different ways!

In the Iron Man-part, Tony has been incredibly negligent and left his briefcase with the Iron Man armor in his office, even forgetting to activate the booby-trap, that makes it explode, if someone else than him touches it. Which, by the way, is the worst safety I've heard (why not an electric shock or something other, non-lethal and not prone to collateral damage?). Some guy finds it, dresses up into Iron Man and commits crimes with the armor. Tony busts out his old, clunky armor and takes up the fight, ultimately winning through his experience and knowledge of both armors. Luckily his secret is safe, thanks to convenient insanity on part of that thug. But one thing still remains: Aren't the suits powered through Tonys chest-device? How was the thug able to use it?

With Cap we actually go into the past, and revisit his first fight against the Red Skull. Well...somewhat. This first Red Skull was later revealed to be a pawn of the real Red Skull, so...no real first meeting here. Still this is kinda an introduction to the Red Skull, and he seemed to be a somewhat intelligent and efficient threat...but only, if Cap isn't around. At most he can escape him, but he wasn't even able to keep Bucky a prisoner, let alone capture Cap...

All in all, a very nice Iron Man-issue and a decent Cap-story, both only having troubles with a suitable villain. Also: The thug with the Iron Man armor should've died from a broken neck after flying himself against the ceiling without a helmet!