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Tales of Suspense (1959) #67 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #67

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JackStamper member

You know, I should hate this Iron Man story. He never meets the enemy, who gets thwarted by malfunctioning machines, and every battle he had was all just a dream. But...god help me, I love it. Count Nefaria wants revenge on the Avengers and starts with Iron Man, seemingly missing the note, that he's not an Avenger anymore (or not caring, since his revenge is on the five Avengers he faced). It's not the only note he missed, seeing how he misjudged some of Iron Mans enemies, but that's a minor point.

Nefaria has built a machine, that controls other peoples dreams, and basically makes the consequences real. Meaning: If Iron Man should die in the dreams, he'd die in the real world as well. He also seemed to make a machine, that homes in on the person, observing it through some kind of camera...but that was standard for every Silver Age mastermind. Everyone could open a screen showing any part of the earth, anytime. As a last feature, the machine seems to be able to lull him into sleep, so he can have nightmares about all his enemies attacking him. And what a rogue gallery he faces! The Crimson Dynamo (since he keeps insisting, they are allies, it's the first one), the Unicorn, the Melter, Jack Frost, the Black Knight and even Gargantuan, the alien robot! And even though Tony realizes: "Yep, it has to be a dream", his instincts and probably his pride are telling him: Give it your all, anyway! So Neferias plan backfires, since his dream-copies aren't as skilled as the real enemies, and his constant barrage of "Give him more!" overloads the machines.

Oh yeah, and Happy gets back home, after Pepper called him once. But not before showing of his incredibly irish uncle!

With Cap it's still a story from WWII, the Red Skull has brainwashed him, so he kills for the Nazis. This actually gives more screentime to Bucky, who escapes a firing squad, frees the other prisoners, disguises himself to get on the mission with Cap, and...fumbles the ball by trying to talk to Cap, leading to him battling half the infiltration squad, while the other guards Cap on his way to the allied HQ. Arriving there, Caps hypnosis appears to be too weak to make him shoot the general, but a Nazi Stormtrooper moves his finger for him, shooting...the cliffhanger. Because this is where the comic stops. A...basic story, certainly suspenseful, but showing the heroes rather incompetent...they do take the time of making a fool out of Hitler for two pages, actually foreshadowing the remaining reflexes in Cap, coming to think of it...but these pages usually keep you wondering: How did anyone take Hitler serious?

All in all, a good issue, but both stories are in need for some fresh ideas.