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Tales of Suspense (1959) #71 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #71

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JackStamper member

Tony, I know you're not thinking all too clearly right now, but...how about this: "Sorry, I was working in a secret lab for Iron Man, trying to upgrade some of his gadgets for the fight. In fact, Happy tried to get one of them to Iron Man, when this all happened. I...was too busy at work to observe, what happened. I trusted Iron Man to win, but in case the fight prolonged any longer, I wanted to have something new ready for him. When I finally found out about Happy I rushed to the hospital as fast as I could."

Else, we have a nice little ending for the fight, and some nice tension between the other characters. Not that big a fan of the romance, but it works, and I'm very interested in how the story progresses with Happy as a coinfidant - I hope.

Cap suffers from the dumb Nazi-syndrom. Why do they have to make abundantly clear, that they don't care about Cedric Rawlings? He's still the one responsible of capturing Bucky and Co, and proven to be a valuable asset. True, his sister complicated things, but it's nothing a simple cell couldn't do for a while...and even Cedric should admit locking her up for as long as they're dealing with Captain America at least keeps her out of harms way. Major Uberhart should at least see, that introducing an unstable element like this could jeopardize the mission...Oh, and by the way: Uberhart. Translated: Overly hard, or overly strict. That name is...a bit on the nose, is it not?

Well, at least they didn't literally tie them to the rocket...but still, this is simply too black/white for me. Even Sgt. Fury manages to both show some more humanlike Nazis, and on the same time let them be a serious threat. Here, they basically always get the best toys and then fall over their own feat trying to activate it.