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Tales of Suspense (1959) #72 Cover

Tales of Suspense (1959) #72

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pgw78 member

"I am The Thinker! I can figure anything out, outguess anyone! Why, I'm so good at it, I can practically read your mind!" "Tell me, then - who is Iron Man?" "I figured you'd ask me that. Let's see. He works for Tony Stark. Stark is a weapons designer. Iron Man first appeared after Stark disappeared in Vietnam. Stark's will (read after he disappeared with a series of flimsy and self-contradictory excuses) left everything to Iron Man. Iron Man has been seen with all of Stark's closest friends except for Stark himself. Only one thing to do. No one else could have thought of it. I'll kidnap Stark and make him tell me who Iron Man is!" ... "Blast! Stark got away and Iron Man immediately took his place! This whole caper was a total bust! I'll never know his secret identity!"