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Tales to Astonish (1959) #59 Cover

Tales to Astonish (1959) #59

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  • Format: Comic
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I love how careful they were not to make Giant Man too powerful. Very consistent making Giant Man still relatively weak compared to Hulk and Thor.


The Human Top was a nice touch for this story. It's always cool to see a vengeful villain back for more.

Brentp256 member

I really enjoyed the Avengers and the other continuity connections in this issue.  The strong interconnectedness of the chartacters and books is a key part of my love of Marvel Comics!  I think the Top is the first character I can remember that ditches his goofy costume for civilian garb.

JackStamper member

And with this issue, Stan Lee has reinvented the Hulk and reintroduced him into the comicworld as a regular character! ...somewhat. He's still a gueststar today and only a regular starting next issue, and the "anger=hulking out" connection was only halfway finished (he turns back from the fallout of a nuclear bomb, not because he calmed down). But it's a gigantic step into the right direction.

Speaking of...General Ross, are you crazy? A nuclear warhead shot at an american city? "It will do minimal material damage, but will surely kill the Hulk." REALLY? Wow, this must be one of these magic bombs american wizards helped inventing.

The Human Top was absolutely wasted in this issue. There was NO need for him. The Hulk was going to attack Giant-Man anyway, was on his road to the city already, and it pretty much seemed he was bored and tried to get in on the action of an already running adventure...and got blown up for his trouble.

Overall, a nice reintroduction of the Hulk, but not a very good story on its own. Too bad.