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Tales to Astonish (1959) #61 Cover

Tales to Astonish (1959) #61

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  • Format: Comic
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JackStamper member

Yup, still no Giant-Man.

So let's talk about the Hulk. This story does it's best to quickly bring in new ideas and bury old ones, that simply weren't good enough. Last issue, we introduced a kind of Iron Man-suite Bruce Banner developed to withstand the explosion of an atom bomb (and study it from the inside). Therefor it can withstand the Hulks attacks, kind of like a premature Hulkbuster. The only weakness is its slowness. So, how does the Hulk defeat it? Well...he pushes the robot into a bottomless pit. End of story.

Instead, we see the introduction of Glenn Talbot, setting up a love triangle between Betty Ross, Bruce Banner and him, with Glenn being the favorite of Thunderbolt Ross, and tasked with the job of observing Bruce, whom Thunderbolt Ross grown suspicious of. They even started to connect him to the Hulk, though only briefly. While searching for Banner, he and Betty nearly get killed by the robot (who's actions, of course, are instead linked to the Hulk), only to be saved by the Hulk (unseen by them), who also manages to destroy a rocket heading to the base. This, however knocks him out, and allows Talbor to capture him! With chains, manufactured from Stark Industries, he seems caught...and is about to transform back into Banner in full display of everyone! Talk about a cliffhanger!

One more thing about the rocket. The guy in the robot built it by stumbling upon one of Banners secret labs...showing, that there are no security measures taken, everyone can just walk in. So...if all the military is regularly searching for him or the Hulk...how come, they never found the labs?

All in all: The Hulk-part is miles beyond the last story, and a big step into what will be a very good run for the jolly green monster from now on. I just wished I could also read the stories of Giant-Man as well, no matter how bad they got...


It's true, and it's not only this issue.  We need the Ant-Man section of these Tales to Astonish stories!!

cplthrawn member

only the hulk section is showing