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Tales to Astonish (1959) #62 Cover

Tales to Astonish (1959) #62

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  • Format: Comic
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Elrast plus member

Too bad I don't seem to have this "female intuition" that Stan seemed to think every woman had. It's a superpower in its own right.

JackStamper member

Still no Giant-Man...

"Hulk! If you work for me, I'll set you free!" - "No!" - "Well...I'll set you free anyway, wait a minute." The Chameleon, everyone!

It's still goofy, how the Hulk changes back into Bruce Banner, but it makes for nice drama...even though Banner has a bucketload of luck, since nobody ever saw him transforming. But I do like that his secret comes more and more out into the open...with Ross and Talbot not only mistrusting him, but openly connecting him in some capacity with the Hulk.

The Chameleon isn't a Hulk-Villain...and yet he was a perfect fit for this story, which didn't need a real brawl. This episode was building on the suspicions on the base, and the Chameleon is a great villain to exploit that. Even though his results were underwhelming...

And we get the first tease of the Leader...this is going to get interesting...

dgorhcards member

You can see that Stan was getting his characters mixed up. Page 3, first panel has Rick calling Betty Ross, Miss Brant. Betty Brant has enough problems with Peter Parker, she doesn't need to get involved with Bruce Banner.

Grantosium member

Page 10 Talbot makes the same mistake calling Betty 'Miss Brant' in front of General Ross.