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Tales to Astonish (1959) #64 Cover

Tales to Astonish (1959) #64

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  • Format: Comic
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kgoetz144 member

wow, Attuma is a punk. wasn't even a threat to Giant-Man. Put up more of a fight against Namor.

JohnnyBallgame member

Only the Hulk story is included, no Giant Man vs Attuma.

JackStamper member

@JohnnyBallgame Which is a shame, that fight sounded interesting!

Anyway, Rick gets the idea of going to the president (which means they're in Washington D.C. right now, something that eases the Rick Jones is in two places at once-drama) and telling him everything about the Hulk, resulting in him arranging to get Banner free from the charges of espionage. For those interested, since this is 1965, this president would be Lyndon B. Johnson. Of course, everything stays a secret, and Talbot and Ross aren't convinced...

Bruce also has the brains to get tranquility pills, which he pops very regularly...until Glen Talbot pesters him while operating delicate machines (great idea!), and he notices, his pills are all used. So he runs out and changes into the Hulk, just in time to battle a horde of Humanoids, who...actually are rather blank enemies. Especially now, that the Leader can't control them directly, but more or less gives general commands for them to follow according to their program. The Leader itself isn't that convincing yet, since his glorious brain so far only managed to design some nice androids...but he's still rather fresh and has never met the Hulk directly, so let's be patient.

Overall a good issue, with some clever thinking of our heroes.

Grantosium member

I don't know if it notifies people when they receive replies but it looks like Mr Pym's portion of the issue has been added! I guess we have the Ant Man film to thank, considering the timing.

JohnnyBallgame member

OHO!! Looks like they've fixed them! Thanks MU! (Also, they DO send notification of replies!)