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Tales to Astonish (1959) #69 Cover

Tales to Astonish (1959) #69

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  • Format: Comic
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Wait a second! How did he change into Ant-man when he claimed he lost that ability? It makes no sense.

Stewaycol member

@Nightshade61787  Seems like they just ignored that fact for the sake of retiring him on a happy ending. Still weird though.

JackStamper member

So, the Hulks comeback is already over,m Banner has been pronounced back, and...what's that caption box? It's not over yet? Way to play down a cliffhanger!

But yeah, the Hulk gets captured, but the Gas to keep him unconscious only turn him back into Banner. Which...makes sense, since it should calm him down. Why he hasn't turn back during his already unconscious time before is unexplained, though. Also: Why does Banner actually get active through the gas? And why does double the amount of gas turn him back into the Hulk?

Well, Banner manages to alert the army, and once he turned into the Hulk, he destroys the Absorbatron. And then the explosion leaves an unconscious Banner behind, who may or may not have been shot. Talbot measures his pulse, claiming it weak...and then gone. So...let's see where this goes. My money is on Talbot lying, because he wants to interrogate Rick Jones about Banner and the Hulk.

Also: This is the last Giant-Man Story! No, we can't read it, but the next cover already shows the Sub-Mariner! It's the next big step for Marvel: They get rid of the bad half-comic stories with the Human Torch and Giant-Man, and give them to Nick Fury (who thus gets a modern setting to interact with the other characters) and Prince Namor, who basically lost his role as the FFs secondary arch villain, after Sue and Reed got engaged. Starting next issue, we can see how well Stan can tell the story about the monarch of the sea...

Decent Hulk-Story, but more because of the ongoing narrative, not the story on its own.